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Our goal as a fulfillment company is to provide our clients with complex logistics solutions, from the warehousing of goods to the delivery of the packages to the customers. The e-commerce clients can thus devote themselves fully to their businesses, and many times even at lower costs.

Between storage and delivery, however, there are several activities that complement and complete the fulfillment service. What steps accompany the service process and what they include, you can find in our brief overview.

  1. Registering the receipt 
  2. Storage of goods
  3. Order from the customer
  4. Order picking and sorting 
  5. Packaging of goods 
  6. Finalization 
  7. Delivery 
  8. Undelivered or returned orders
  9. Cash on delivery management
  10. Invoicing 


First-class storage facilities await our customers’ goods, covering an area of up to tens of thousands of square meters. The warehouse location is very good located. This gives us a strategic advantage, as we can deliver goods to most countries in Europe and the world in a short time with our direct linehauls. 

We can store various types of products in different sizes on our premises. These can be, for example, various organic and nutritional products, sports and classic clothing, electronics, but also other consumer goods, such as cosmetics, pet supplies, jewelry, toys, exercise supplies, books, and much more.

Taking into account the size and type of the products, we store the goods either in boxes in a four-storey mezzanine shelving system, or on pallets in pallet racks. We provide storage facilities for both continuous storage of goods intended for shipment as well as handling space for packaging and shipping purposes.


After receiving orders from the customer into the information system, if the goods are available in stock, the process of picking, sorting, packing, and sending packages to the customer begins. This process must be fast and error-free so that the shipment reaches the customer as soon as possible.

We select, sort, and pack the goods with the help of our information system. This allows us to verify, in a few steps, whether the order contains all the right products and whether nothing is missing in the package. Thanks to this, we achieve a minimum error rate of orders.

We usually ship the goods on the same day we receive the orders, considering the time of their upload and the departure of our daily transport lines across European countries.

Operation of our services is facilitated by various modern automated technological equipment, such as an automatic packaging line, software-controlled conveyors, screw conveyors, elevators, personal digital assistants (PDAs), scanners, and many others.


Delivery of goods can be done anywhere in Central Europe, all over Europe and the whole world.

We provide shipping of goods (parcels) by our own fleet of vehicles or by other parcel service company. We also provide the settlement of cash on delivery payments in European countries.

Thanks to our big volumes of parcels we have great prices at all global delivery companies. Take an advantage of our cheap shipping to the whole world.

We will deliver your goods to your costumers – both individuals and also companies (regular supplying).

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